Feminizing the public space

By Lea Melandri

“Feminizing the public space” does not only mean highlighting women’s presence therein, but also realizing that “femininity,” as it has been traditionally defined, is strongly relevant today in the same space from which it was excluded for centuries. According to Melandri, in the last twenty years, some ambiguous figures have appeared in Italy: veline, escort, donne-immagine. She argues that while we cannot talk about prostitution, in this case, we are still in front of an objectification of women’s bodies, however, of a different kind: women themselves now exploit the powerful qualities that men have attributed to them, such as sexuality and maternity, in an attempt to turn the conditions that were at the basis of their enslavement to their advantage.

(Lo spazio pubblico si femminilizza, ma scompare il conflitto tra i sessi)

Source: Gender/Sexuality/Italy ( click here )




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